Web Application Penetration Testing

Why is Vulnerability Assessment and Web Application Penetration Testing Necessary?

Our Online application penetration testing service is intended to identify flaws in your web applications. Our tests and suggestions will enable you to improve your company’s security posture and ensure that your online apps are safe and secure.

Team of Expert Pen Testers for Web Apps

Nexus Brigade’s web app pen test experts have a combined expertise of over ten years, making them well-suited to handle even the most sophisticated network infrastructure and apps. In addition to being certified in CEH and OSCP CISSP, our penetration testers are experienced in working with a wide range of online applications.
Penetration testing of your web app by our team of experts will look at all elements of your web app to uncover security flaws. A safe software development lifecycle is built on a solid foundation of risk identification and prioritization.

There are diverse reasons Why you should use us for Web App.

Penetration Testing as a Service with agile deployments to your application and libraries. It’s critical that your program has a few security holes as possible.

OWASP Complaint

OSCP, CEH, and CISSP certifications are all held by members of our team. Nexus Brigade adheres to industry-recognized standards based on OWASP. Our aim with online penetration testing is to identify the top ten OWASP vulnerabilities before moving on to investigate other potential security flaws.

Manual Web Pen Test

Automation scans are often used by penetration testing organizations while looking for online application vulnerabilities. Sixty percent of our online pen tests are done manually at Cyber Security Hive. Manual scans have a higher value in the cyber security business.

Automated Web Penetration Testing
Web application vulnerability screening is performed using industry-recognized, best-automated scanning techniques. No one tool is used; instead, your app is scanned using a variety of technologies, ranging from free open-source software to high-end commercial tools.

Unlimited Retests

The vast majority of cyber security firms provide three rounds of testing free of charge before charging their clients for the service. We provide an infinite number of retreats on the highlighted weaknesses.

The Advantages of Web Application Penetration Testing for Business
The efficacy of the current infrastructure is validated.
Web apps are critical components of corporate operations.
Reduce the possibility of a breach, data theft, and financial loss.
Reduces the risk of security-related events and threats while improving control.
Critical asset identification, real-risk assessment, and mitigation planning.
Security for important IT assets such as servers, networks, and online applications.

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