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Why ISO Security Audit?

ISO 27001 helps enterprises to fulfill global information security management standards and best practices. ISO 27001 is a practical framework and functional guidelines to help improve information security and be compliant globally in terms of your organization’s information security. ISO 27001 is a recognized standard that the government can use to get certified and set their information security standards aligned with the industry.

Nexus Brigade offers security audit consulting services to help you identify flaws in your security posture and stay in compliance with industry standards. We provide security evaluation and assurance services for a variety of solutions.
Are you looking for an ISO 27001 security audit?
Audits of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based on 150 worldwide standards (ISO 27001).
Detailed risk assessment of information technology systems, processes, and products
Audits of comprehensive information systems

Benefits To Your Business

Provide assurance by doing a thorough examination of an organization’s security, including policy, design, and execution.
For the purpose of testing and assessing the effectiveness of security protection and controls
Determine the dangers to an organization’s information assets.
Obtain and maintain certification in accordance with an Industry Regulation (ISO 27001 etc.)
Provide a detailed and complete approach to the measures that may be performed in response to the impending explanation.
Examine and decrease the hazards associated with the utilization of I.T. infrastructure on a regular basis.

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