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The OWASP Top 10 can be used to find vulnerabilities and other security threats. Don't be a victim of cybercrime with our comprehensive web application security testing.


Mobile VAPT

With our proven expertise in safeguarding iOS and Android apps, you can uncover risky app functionality and secure your software development lifecycle.


Network VAPT

Evaluate the security of your network and infrastructure for flaws using a variety of test types, including external and internal testing with a proven track record for revealing problems.


Cloud Security Assessment

Risk assessment of your cloud platforms can help you figure out how safe your cloud services are and what threats they pose to your business.


ISO 27001

Determine what your company needs to comply with the ISO 27001 standard for information security.


Phishing Simulation

To maximize your security attentiveness, find out how effective your social engineering controls are.


Security Awareness Trainings

Take full use of our significant experience in customizing content to meet your specific security objectives by scheduling regular tests and training sessions.


Managed Security Operations Center

Take advantage of our cutting-edge SOC and threat intelligence services to safeguard your endpoints, cloud, and network right now.


Incident Response

With our cyber incident response services, you can lessen the damage a cyberattack causes while still responding quickly and efficiently to one.


Forensic Analysis

To give the best services, we have a digital forensic team that offers a wide range of forensic services and consulting, as well as powerful forensic technologies.


Security Courses

Are you interested in studying cyber security? Get the training your team needs, when, when, and how they want it with our hybrid and in-person options.


End-Point Security

Our complete endpoint security solution protects your endpoints from sophisticated attackers.


Vulnerability Assessment and Vulnerability Penetration Testing

Organizations go to great lengths to safeguard their sensitive information yet frequently fail to test their systems on a regular basis. Identifying security weaknesses and implementing countermeasures are the primary goals of a vulnerability assessment. Through the use of Nexus Brigade’s Penetration testing technique and methodology, you may improve the security of your assets by identifying software and system vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Highly Experienced and Certified Team

Nexus Brigade’s customers benefit from personalized service, as well as the knowledge and competence of our highly trained and experienced staff. As a result of our responsible disclosure efforts, we’ve been recognized by corporations for uncovering security defects and submitting them to the CVE database. Many members of our security team have earned worldwide certifications, including OSCP, OSCE, CISSP, CEH, and SANS, during the course of their careers.

Industry Standard

Penetration testing performed by Nexus Brigade follows OWASP and OSSTMM standards. NIST 800-30 threat ranking methodology, which has been in use for decades, is used to harmonize our vulnerability threat rankings.

Our Penetration Testing Process

Pentesting is broken down into four easy stages by Nexus Brigade’s security experts.

1. Scope and Information Gathering

Setup of the client and collection of the necessary information for the commencement of our penetration test Inputting environment data, gaining appropriate permissions to the application, and whitelisting our IP addresses are all steps in the process.

2. Perform Penetration Testing

We use commercial and open-source technologies to do penetration testing and automate scans. Manual penetration testing is also done in accordance with the application’s business logic.

3. Report Submission

After manually and automatically scanning all of the systems for vulnerabilities, the data is compiled and analyzed. We give our customers with the results of our penetration testing so they may begin patching their systems.

4. Retest

Upon completion of the client’s patching of the app’s security flaws. They redo the build and resubmit it for testing. We repeat the first round of penetration testing in order to check for any flaws that were discovered.

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