Security Awareness Trainings

Our Security Awareness Program
Provide cloud-based Automated Information Security Awareness Training to prevent phishing, social engineering, and ransomware threats. Employees are put to the exam on-site, with full management reporting and specialized training for those who fail.

Why Automated Information Security Awareness Training?

Interactive web-based training along with case studies and live demonstration films as well as brief assessments are used to ensure staff grasps the processes of spam and phishing and spear-phishing, malware, and social engineering. The solution is affordable, needs little effort from employees, and is appropriate for businesses of all sizes. Keeping you safe is our top priority.

Would you want to provide your Staff with security awareness training?

How We Go About It
1. We look at your specifications first.
2 Create a user target list
3. We talk to your employees and design a unique training program for them.
4. Register users for training sessions.
5. Use the Nexus Brigade security awareness training site to track who has completed their training.
6. Allow users to set up recurring reminders for when they need to finish the training.
7 Produce reports and make them available to your group
Confidence in Data Security
SSAE1S and SOC2 accredited data centers house all our data, ensuring it is secure with frequent data backups and redundancy.

Our Course Content

Because of Nexus Brigade’s large and varied course offerings, you have many choices when it comes to what you learn. To help you narrow your options, we provide well over a hundred different course offerings. Our cloud application is home to over a hundred modules dedicated to raising awareness about information security.

• Phishing
• *Password Security
• Malware
• Mobile Security
• Working Remotely
• Removable Media
• Ransomware
• Physical Security
• Safe Web Browsing

Combine your awareness training program with phishing Simulation services to maximize your return on investment.

Benefits to your business
Detailed Reporting
Custom Campaigns for different
Low Bandwidth requirements
Highly interactive Program
Customizable content

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