Endpoint Security

Security on Endpoints Isn’t an Option.

The requirement for endpoint protection is becoming more sophisticated as the security threat environment expands into mobile and virtual computing. Given the multitude of digital threats, endpoint security is no longer a choice; it’s a need. However, there’s no obligation to go overboard with your spending. Pick the most cost-effective option for your company without compromising your needs.
Endpoint Security Assessment
We recognize that deciding on and implementing an endpoint anti-virus solution may be a difficult process for any company. So you don’t have to, Nexus Brigade is best suited to secure your constantly assessing security providers’ endpoints.
Our Partnerships
Our endpoint security partners at Nexus Brigade design and provide best-in-class solutions across all categories. In addition to endpoint protection platforms, detection and response tools, and other technologies to help with your endpoint strategy, we have ties with top endpoint technology companies and organizations.

Are you looking for a solution to Protect your endpoints?

Comprehensive Solution
We provide a complete endpoint threat detection, prevention, and response solution. Providing a well-balanced endpoint security solution with low productivity impact means using modern anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-evasion capabilities in combination with behavioral analytics intelligence gathering to protect against, detect and respond to even the most sophisticated endpoint attacks with a comprehensive endpoint security solution.
Services & Products for Endpoint Security
• Identification & Selection
• Technology Assessment
• Product Health
• Proof of Concept
• Implementation
• Optimization

Essentials for Endpoint Security

Data controls
Application Controls
Web Protections
Network Controls
Browser Protections
Device Protection

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