Cyber Security Forensics

The Why, What, and How of a Situation

When it comes to tackling difficult business tasks, our Cyber Security Forensics Investigation Services is the go-to solution. Our organization has a wealth of expertise and is well-versed in planning to carrying out the subject area.
Our Digital Forensics Methodology

Nexus Brigade provides end-to-end digital forensics services for cyber security, from identifying suspicious behavior to assessing its impact and resuming business as normal. To find dangers, reduce losses, and retrieve data, we use the most up-to-date methods and technologies. We are well-versed in the measures that must be adhered to while working with digital data and information that is particularly susceptible.

Our Services

Investigations into possible data breaches

When there is reason to assume that an employee has stolen company data, a computer forensics specialist should be brought in to do a theft of IP examination. Our digital forensics specialists can assist firms in putting together any evidence and determining the extent of a security breach.

Investigations into instances of employee misbehavior and abuse
Examining system users who have been found to be in violation of an organization’s rules and acceptable usage processes in particular.
Analyze the reaction to a breach
Understanding indications of compromise, event timelines, network connections, and user accounts, as well as malicious code and security vulnerability data.

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